Lancaster-Depew Umpire Program

Eligibility:   Any adult and/or players 13 years of age or older by 8/31/2020 are eligible to umpire LDB House, Travel, and/or Tournament baseball games .  NO E-mailed applications will be accepted for candidates under 18 as a hand written parent/legal guardian signature is required.

Click to download the application =>  2020 Umpire Application

General Information:

  • All umpires, new and returning, are REQUIRED to complete an application to be considered for 2019 placements.  
  • The last day to turn in applications is March 8, 2020.  
  • Umpires are provided dry-fit shirt, brush, and indicator
  • Umpires will be placed and assigned games according to their age and experience
  • Umpires are paid for each game worked and rates vary per age group
  • Umpires will receive umpire training and required to attend umpire clinics at the training facility  
  • Umpires are required to work the games assigned.  If umpires are unable to ump, they are required to inform the Umpire Director and find a replacement.

MANDATORY:   All first and second year applicants are required to attend both umpire clinics to be eligible to umpire in 2020.  All training to be held at LDB Indoor Training Facility. 

Click to download => LDB Umpire Class Lecture 2018