Memberships / Field & Batting Cage Rentals


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Membership / Field & Batting Cage Rental Rates

Town of Lancaster Indoor Training Facility Membership and Rental Rates 2018-19 Season

House Individual Membership-LD Baseball / LD Ponytails Ten (10) Months


Travel Team Full Individual Membership-Outside Teams Ten (10) Months


Three (3) Month Individual Membership- No Travel Team Time


One (1) Month Trial Membership


Thirty (30) Minutes Batting Cage Rental


One (1) Hour Batting Cage Rental

Please note LDB provides a 14' x 18' tee station w/ batting cage.


Pitching Tunnel with Pitching Mound

Call for Pricing and Availability

One (1) Hour Turf Practice Field- Non-Peak Time


One (1) Hour Turf Practice Field- Peak Time


One (1) Hour Practice Field and One (1) Cage- Non-Peak


One (1) Hour Practice Field and One (1) Cage- Peak


Full Practice Field Dimensions with Pitching Tunnel: 92' x 88'

Guest Passes are available for $10 per Visit with a Full Member (Max. three (3) per month)

Tee-Station Dimensions: 18' x 14'

Batting Cage Dimensions: 74' x 14'

Total Field House Area: 100' x 120'