Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I forgot my password. How do I find out what it is?
    On the LDB website, click on “Forgot Password” on the Member Login. It will take you through the prompts to reset your password.



  • How much does registration cost?
    Registration cost varies depending on which division your child will be playing in, if there are multiple players in your household and if you will be doing the fundraisers and concessions. For a cost breakdown, please visit the website – Registrations tab.
  • When are registration sign-ups? When does registration close?
    Registration begins in December. You may register online through Lancaster-Depew Baseball’s website or you may attend one of our walk-in dates. Please refer to the Registration tab on our website for more information.
  • Registration is open through March.  After this date registration will remain open until the league reaches the maximum number of registrations in Tball, IPM, PM, Fed, Majors, and Seniors.  Once the maximum number of registrations is reached in a division, that age group will be closed.  Note other divisions may remain open. LDB will place late registrations on a waiting list and if there is enough players on the waiting list, league will create an additional team and register players.



  • If my husband coaches, do we have to work the concession stand?
    Managers and Assistant Coaches are exempt from working the concession stand. They are still required to turn in a $50 equipment deposit check at the managers meeting. The deposit check will be refunded at the end of the season when the equipment bag is returned and evaluations are completed. 

  • Where do I sign up for concessions?
    On the LDB website, click on ‘Member Menu’ and select ‘My Home’. Or you can sign up on the Registrations webpage under ‘Concession Stand Sign-In”. (note: you must be signed in to choose a concession date) 

  • What is the last day to sign up for concessions?
    You can sign up as soon as you register you son/daughter for the upcoming season. It is preferable that you sign up before the season starts. 

  • What date did I sign up for concessions?
    After you sign up for your shift, you will receive an email confirmation. If you forgot your date or did not receive an email, please email the league and the concessions admin will get back to you with your concession date.
  • If I can’t work my concession stand date or miss my scheduled date, can I change it or reschedule?
    Once you sign up, we ask that you do not change the date. If you cannot work your date, you may get a family member or friend over 18 years old to take your place. If you do not work your shift, your check will be forfeited. If a situation arises, please email the league and the concessions admin will discuss it with you.



  • Does my child need a new bat under the new rules and regulations of USA Bat? What divisions are affected?
    The USA Bat rule is in effect for all House players in the PM, Federal and Majors divisions. The bat must have a “USA Baseball” stamp on it. T-Ball, Seniors and Big League are not affected as well as Travel Ball Players. Refer to the rules and information posted on our website.
  • What fields are the games played on?
    T-ball plays on 45ft diamonds and on T-Ball diamonds. IPM, PM and Federal plays on 60ft diamonds (Firemen’s American & National, Wrigley, Candlestick and Offermann). Majors plays on 70ft diamonds (Fenway and Keysa). Seniors play on 90ft diamonds (Brickyard and Keysa).
  • What team is my son/daughter on?
    Teams are formed at the end of February and rosters can be viewed online under your Member Login – Team Roster. Coaches will also contact the parents on or before the first week in March.
  • When are the games? What day and time are the games?
    There will be 1 game during the week and 1 game on Saturday (weather pending). For T-Ball through Majors, the weekday games start at 6:15pm with a 2hr 15min time limit. PM & Federal will also play a night game during the season with a start time of 8:00pm. The Seniors division plays on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday with a 6:00pm start time during the week. Your coach will have the schedule and this can also be viewed on the website.
  • I want my child to play on a specific team. How do I notify the league? When it comes to special requests to play with a friend, family member or coach, LDB will honor these requests for T-Ball players only. Requests in any other division with the exception of sibling requests, LDB will review and do their best to accommodate. If you have a request, please email the league using the “Contact US” link on the website.
  • When does the baseball season start/end? For T-Ball through Majors, the season begins the first Saturday in May and will end the second week in July. For Seniors and Big League, the games start after Memorial Day weekend and finish the 3rd week of July. Note: there are no playoffs for T-Ball. Each player receives a participation trophy at the end of the season.
  • Do I have to live in Lancaster to play in the league?
    Players and families do not have to live in Lancaster or Depew to play in the league. Our league accepts players from many surrounding areas.
  • What do we need to buy for a uniform? What is provided?
    Each player receives a MLB hat and jersey from the League. You are responsible to purchase your own baseball pants (PM division and higher), protective cup (all divisions) and cleats (no metal spikes for T-Ball through Majors). Please check with your coach regarding the color of the baseball pants. He may want the same color for all players.
  • What equipment does my child need to play?
    Each team will be provided with an equipment bag that contains bats, helmets and catcher’s gear. You may also purchase your own equipment, such as a helmet, bat and glove.
  • What time are the practices?
    The league provides 4-6 indoor practices at our training facility starting in March and will schedule 2-3 outdoor practices starting in April (weather permitting). Coaches can schedule additional indoor and outdoor practices based on availability. Your coach will have the practice schedule and will contact you with the dates and times.



  • When are travel tryouts?
    Travel tryouts are held in August and the dates will be posted on the website at the end of July.
  • We will be out of town for travel tryouts. Will there be makeup dates?
    There are generally two tryouts dates. If you miss both dates, the League can schedule a tryout day/time when you return. Please email the league advising of your vacation prior to the tryout.
  • Do I have to play House in order to play Travel?
    For T-Ball through Majors, all players are required to play House ball, with the exception of the 11u-A and 12u-A teams who have the option to opt out of House. Players in the Seniors division have the option to play House ball or opt out.