Coaching Application

Coaching Application

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*  Candidates MUST BE 18 years old and all approved Manager/Coaches must comply with LDB's Zero Tolerance Policy.
*  New and returning Managers/Coaches must complete and submit an application to be considered for the 2020 placements.

*  League will provide training manual/aides, coach and player clinics. Managers/Coaches need to attend Coach clinic in March.

*  Approved Managers/Coaches will receive a MLB team hat and LDB will waive the 2-hour concession stand shift for approved Manager and 2 Assistant Coaches per team.

*  Managers/Coaches are still required to turn in a $50 deposit check at Uniform Distribution Day, which will be returned upon the following obligations are satisfied: 1) Player evaluations / ratings turned in and 2) Equipment bag returned.

*  Managers are responsible for collecting concession stand checks for their team and turn in on Uniform Distribution Day in April. Players will not receive their uniform if parents have not turned in their concession check and signed up for a date.

Coach the Coach Clinic

Date/Time: TBD

Will be virtual due to COVID restrictions.

House managers / assistant managers are required to attend at least one clinic.